BACK 12 February 2016

Direct Group Selects SoloPower Technology

Power generation shortages that have wreaked havoc throughout South Africa, have led industries involved in housing and other residential developments to re-think their choice of power and energy systems. The Direct Group Africa, in partnership with Dumont Power, have decided to utilise a new, ultra-thin, lightweight photovoltaic panel (LPV), SoloPower, on various housing and commercial developments they are busy with across South Africa and Africa.

Johann Dreyer, Director at Direct Group Africa said “We are currently installing a few in the social housing, mixed use residential, hoteling, and student accommodation. We believe SoloPower has a unique offering which not only fits well within our energy model but is also highly compatible to our design philosophy.”

“Our EEZI Thermal Modular Building System is a very sophisticated composite building system which we utilise in flooring, walling and roofing. The installation process is fast and simple, which facilities the transfer of skills. The system is ideal for the rapid development of housing systems and communities. The SoloPower LPV panels were the best alternative power generation mechanism that could be integrated into our lightweight building system, and the SoloPower panels have now become the specified product.” said Dreyer.

Raymond du Plooy, Director at Dumont Power commented “There is such a great need to provide quality housing in rapid deployment to many areas across South Africa. What the Direct Group has succeeded in doing is creating a light-weight building system along with a community development model not seen on the continent yet. The infrastructure to support communities including power is very often not available and slows the development process - by integrating solar power into the building system, it is another step in the right direction. Due to the light-weight, almost unbreakable structure of SoloPower technology, it can be seamlessly integrated with the Direct building system. It also happens to look great once installed, something I feel is lacking with many solar panel products.”

Dreyer continued “SoloPower came to our attention when we visited one of our suppliers, and saw some products they had installed on their premises for power generation and we were very interested in knowing more about them. A meeting with Dumont Power representatives followed and here we are in partnership with them making it a win-win situation.”

“Besides the transfer of skills, time, energy and cost savings, and the delivery of a higher quality standard to the industry benchmark, inter alia, all our projects have elements of small business enterprise creation, environmental consciousness, education, which all are part of our Art of Living philosophy with the core aim of uplifting communities. Dumont Power shares our vision and together we have a major role to play in this regard” concluded Dreyer.

Du Plooy said “These SoloPower LPV panels are remarkably thin and lightweight which adapt to virtually any site-specific application while still delivering a high performance. This is why they were so compatible with Direct Group Africa’s integrated building system. It is currently the only volume production lightweight solar panel using the CIGS technology available. We anticipate the power generation capacity for the various developments to be in excess of 200MW installed over a 10 year period. The first 1,000 homes to be built using this system being will be constructed in Port Elizabeth in the eastern Cape.” concluded du Plooy.