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SoloPower Systems are the only volume production lightweight, flexible, CIGS photovoltaic panels in the world. Based in Portland, Oregon, SoloPower has one the most advanced thin-film production lines.

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Key advantages:


Weighing only 2.4kg per square meter, SoloPower PV panels are lighter than any other thin-film technology. The panels are so light they are able to be installed on 99% of all rooftops. Lightwight factory rooftops are a key market for SoloPower technology where these rooftops are unable to hold the weight of conventional glass encapsulated systems. More…


The SP1 and SP3 panels are super flexible and can be installed on profiled surfaces. In addition to curved rooftop installations, SoloPower technology can be integrated into automotive, maritime and architectural elements. More…


Due to SoloPower's advanced construction method, there is zero glass content in any SoloPower LPV panel. Modules are almost indestructible and can withstand high loads, impacts without serious damage. More…

High Performance

CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Sellenide) PV cell architecture exhibit higher yields in low light conditions compared with silicone based technology. SoloPower panels are installed directly to the roof and ther is no need to tilt them. Efficiencies in CIGS cells are improving daily making it the technology of the future. More…

Zero Penetration

SoloPower panels require no framing or mounting hardware. Instead panels are permanently secured with structural silicone products. No holes, no leaks, no expensive framing and racking systems are required. Watch the installation video below on our YouTube channel to see how simple and efficient the installation process can be.

Simple Installation

Using high quality adhesives, the SoloPower LPV panels are installed with no power tools, rigging equipment or specialised tools. The installation process is extremely quick and clients can opt for non-removeable adhesives making the panels theft-proof. Watch the timelapse installation video on our YouTube channel below (right).

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Download the datasheets for SP1 and SP3 panels below:





More SoloPower product applications can be seen in the video below, or take a quick SoloPower factory tour:

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Solo Bucket™ on Voice of America interview with Robert Campbell, CEO of SoloPower Systems by George Putic.

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